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Carole's Knoxville Creative Headshot Photography Session

I don't do a lot of headshot sessions since I'm primarily a maternity, newborn, and family photographer. I don't have the gear and set up for traditional headshots since that's a bit outside of my niche. That being said, I really enjoy these creative headshot sessions in my private home studio. These are short sessions designed to get you a few beautiful natural light headshots. For my own fun, I throw in a black and white copy of every photo you select.

I've used my home studio for boudoir photography as well as for newborn sessions. This studio is simply a spare bedroom of my home that I've converted to a studio space for any photography needs I may have. The light in this room is so beautiful. It makes eyes sparkle and skin glow!

Carole is very involved at my church (Juniper Church) and I was so excited when she reached out about a creative headshot session. Carole is the sort of person who is great to have on your team - whatever team it may be. She's always willing to help where she is needed. She's very organized and she's excellent at whatever she puts her mind to.

Carole looks stunning in her new headshots! Check out Carole's photos from her Knoxville creative headshot session!


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