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Fann Family at Knoxville Botanical Garden

I just love this family. The Fann family was one of the first families I got to photograph when I was starting my photography business. Katy is such a kind and warm person. She has been so encouraging and supportive as I've grown my photography business. I've photographed her five times now and each time is an absolute joy. I leave with a big smile on my face and I'm always excited to edit her photos after the session. This is our third time doing family photos at Knoxville Botanical Garden.

Katy is a wonderful mom and she works for herself. She's a content writer, fiction author, and small business owner. I'll link her at the end of this post so you can check out what she does!

I love getting to watch her boys grow. Quinn and Noah love to run and play. I'm more than happy to chase them around to get a good photo. Quinn is nearly always a runner during their session (and I suspect all the other times as well), but Noah still gets some snuggles in! Here's some of my favorite photos from their gallery.

Katy Fann:

Knoxville Botanical Garden:


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