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Photography Session Swap with Knoxville Maternity and Newborn Photographer Paige Koldys

For those of you who don't know my story, I went to school for accounting. I even got my masters degree and passed the big hard test to become a CPA. A couple years into that profession, I realized that it wasn't going to be a good long term fit for me. While I like numbers, it turns out I'm not very passionate about doing taxes. I've been building and growing my maternity and newborn photography business ever since!

Owning my own photography business is a special and rewarding thing. I love being able to create something beautiful for my clients as my job!

Running a business all by myself can get lonely at times without coworkers. I've been working on trying to forge some friendships within the Knoxville photography community. I love getting to know other entrepreneurs who are passionate about the same things I am!

I met Paige Koldys through a local photographer and photography educator, Devon Adrienne Photography. We've both taken several classes with Devon and met at various social events and group classes. Paige started her career as a teacher after college and then fell in love with photography. She's been a full time maternity and newborn photographer for about a year now!

She and I have some similarities in our stories. We both had other careers before photography, we're both married with a pet and no kids. We have even both niched down into specializing in maternity and newborn photography.

We decided we should meet up to chat and swap headshots. Paige loves plants and had been dying to check out Jack's coffeehouse. So off we went!

We had a great time chatting and taking photos of each other! Here are some of my favorites of Paige.

Photos and Edits by Wood Shutter Photography.

Here are my favorites that Paige took of me!

Photos by Paige Koldys Photography and Edits by Wood Shutter Photography

Check out Devon Adrianne Photography!

Check out Jack's!

Check out Paige!


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