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Wood Shutter Photography Branding Photos by Devon Adrianne Photography

Anyone who owns a small business needs to have current professional photos of themselves that represent their brand. Even though we're usually the ones behind the camera, photographers are no exception to this rule.

I've worked with a tripod and a remote in the past to do my own branding photos. While this works in a pinch, it's always easier and more fun when someone else is taking the photos for me! Most recently, I got to have branding photos done by Devon Adrianne Photography. She is a seasoned professional with a heart for teaching and helping others. She's so incredibly detailed and skilled at what she does.

As a newer photography professional, I'm still working hard to master my craft by investing in education around photography and running a small business. I did a mini mentorship with Devon last Winter and professional headshots were part of that package.

Devon got three of her mentees together for a branding session evening this past August at Knoxville Botanical Garden. We had a great time having photos done and getting to know each other. The other photographers were from Galleries by Gaylor and Rebecca Kouvas Photography. You can check everyone out in the links at the end of this post.

As I was trying to choose an outfit, I was drawn to one of my newest dresses from my client closet. I was worried about being a little extra by wearing a gown for branding photos, but I think it suits my brand. I love pretty dresses and if you can't wear them for a photo shoot, when can you wear them? I'm wearing the Victoria Off Shoulder Maxi Dress by Baltic Born.

Here's some of my favorite photos from that evening!

Photos by Devon Adrianne Photography and edits by Wood Shutter Photography.

Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum:

Rebecca Kouvas Photography:


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