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Colored Powder Photography

Wow! This was a shoot to remember! When Danica suggested a shoot with colored powder, I was immediately excited. I'd never done anything like it and couldn't wait to try! I did some research and found several tips. Some worked better than others. Keep reading to see what we learned!

We decided to shoot at my house to avoid making a mess in a public place. Surprisingly, after the shoot the yard was not overly colorful. I think it would have been fine to do this type of shoot at a park. We scheduled for the evening right around golden hour. I love the way this photo turned out because of that choice.

Stroke of Genius

I watched many YouTube videos in preparation for this shoot. Most of them just let the powder cover the subject's face naturally as the shoot progressed. This haphazard technique tended to produce mixed results. However, in a stroke of genius, Danica came with the powder pre-applied to her face. She is a fabulous graphic designer and her careful application produced a much more engaging look than we could have achieved with random application. She also strategically added the powder to her hair. I still can't get over how beautiful her eyes are!

Powder, Powder, Powder!

For the shoot, we used Holi powder which you can order on amazon. We had two assistants tossing it into the air from just outside the frame. This was a very important and huge help! Danica tossed powder as well for some of the photos. During this part of the shoot, we discovered it is best to avoid throwing powder too near the face as it can sting if it gets in your eye!

I read a tip to stretch the power with flour as it's very vibrant to begin with. We tried this, but found it didn't disperse into the air quite as nicely as the undiluted powder. We also ended up with a fair amount of leftover powder. If I did it again, I wouldn't dilute any of it.

10/10 Would Recommend!

This was an incredibly fun and creative shoot. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I'm always open to new ideas for shoots that will help us capture the real you! I can't wait to hear your idea for a personalized creative session!


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