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Lennon Bea's Knoxville In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

I've recently branched into offering in-home lifestyle newborn sessions and they already have a special place in my heart.

I love being able to capture this exciting season for my clients in their own homes. New parents often put a lot of work into preparing a nursery for their newborn and it's so much fun to see the different styles and designs while capturing photos as unique as my clients.

My most recent in-home newborn lifestyle session was for little Lennon Bea. I've photographed Lindsey and Marcus and little Holden as a family once before. I also did maternity photos of Lindsey about a week before she gave birth. Lindsey and Marcus are such genuine people. I always enjoy talking to them and photographing them.

When I arrived at their home in Knoxville, Tennessee, I found their home to be rather nostalgic as it reminded me strongly of my childhood home. We sat and chatted while Lennon had a bottle and got changed into her little dress to match Lindsey. We started their session in their living room.

I don't always deliver black and white images, but I couldn't resist in this case.

Holden was a trooper with this long form photo session. It's clear that he's stepping into this big brother role naturally.

Then we moved to the nursery for some more photos.

black and white newborn lifestyle with mom and dad

black and white baby feet newborn fine art

Marcus is a nurse and does personal training. He has a really cool Instagram, @equilibrium_performance, full of personal training, fitness, self-improvement, and bodybuilding.

It was really cool listening to him talk about fitness. He's clearly very passionate about taking care of and improving your body in the physical sense, but he also talked about the mental benefits of exercise. I was telling him how I've been struggling to get back into working out lately and that I never seem to have time for it although I know I should. He told me that he's heard it said if you don't have 30 minutes a day to work out you probably need an hour. The way he said it was so kind and convicting without being judgmental. I can see how he is an amazing coach. That one sentence really hit home with me. I actually made time to go for a walk every single day the week after he said that. It absolutely blew my mind how much better I felt mentally and emotionally. I needed that reminder to take the time to care for myself.

Marcus and his family spend a lot of time in their home gym. We decided to pop down there at the end of their session for a couple final photos.

If you want to check out Marcus' Instagram you can find it here:

If you want to check out Marcus' website you can find it here:


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