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Matthew + Shelby

I've had the pleasure of photographing Shelby once before this day. I was so excited to get to photograph not only her, but also her husband and a few other family members. Shelby and Matthew are newly weds. They have the most precious chemistry and a lighthearted joy about them.

They live out of town, but came to Knoxville, Tennessee to visit family. While they were here they booked a couples session with an element of family photography.

We chose Knoxville Botanical Garden and Abortorium in East Tennessee for their January photo session. It was a cold day, but Shelby was willing to brave the cold without a coat for the whole session. We had a great time roaming the grounds and getting sweet romantic photos to capture and celebrate their relationship.

Afterwards, we went by her Grandmother's house and got some photos with the grandparents. As we were getting in the car to make the short drive, Shelby told me I was going to love the barn. I wasn't sure what would be special about a barn, but she was absolutely right.

Years ago, her grandmother had commissioned a local artist to paint their barn and it was so stunning! I love that I was able to photograph her grandmother in front of this beautiful work.

As if I wasn't having enough fun already, they also had a couple of sweet dogs! They were energetic, but I managed to get this one shot of their precious senior pup.

I'm so blessed that I have clients who trust me to capture their memories and let me in on their stories. If you're interested in booking a session, fill out my contact form on the contact page of my website. I can't wait to start planning your next session with you!



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