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The Oglesby Family Knoxville Extended Family Photography Session

Lindsey: "Can we do a family photo session with 19 people?"

Me: "Absolutely we can!"

I met Lauren and Lindsey at a Summer camp when we were in high school. I later attended college with Lauren at Tennessee Wesleyan University. Lauren and Lindsey are both such wonderful women. It's been a joy to get to photograph them and their families in the past. This session was so much fun to get to meet and photograph their extended family as well. Our location for the photography session was very special. We took photos at their Grandparent's farm in the South Knoxville area. It was towards the end of Fall in East Tennessee and we only had a little bit of fall colors left. Here are a few highlights from their session.

Lauren's prenatal and postpartum education:

Marcus' personal training:


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