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Photography Session Swap with Knoxville Photographer Lindsey Ferrell Studios

Lindsey and I have know each other since we were kids. We met at church and were friends before college. We lost touch during our college years. We've both gone out into the world and followed separate paths that have led us to portrait photography in Knoxville, Tennessee.

We've reconnected a few times lately for dinner. It's been great fun to have a friend in the photography industry. The last time we had dinner, I mentioned how much I'd been wanting to photograph at the Bleak House in South Knoxville.

There's a beautiful white room full of windows at the Bleak House that I just keep seeing on Instagram. Lindsey suggested a headshot swap and splitting the location fee. Needless to say, I was in!

We met up for our photography session swap and it was everything I'd hoped! In addition to the white room with the windows, the Bleak House also has beautiful grounds. We got the most out of our rented hour for sure!

Lindsey is a portrait photographer in Knoxville, Tennessee. She photographs everything from maternity to race cars!

Here are my favorite photographs of Lindsey from our time together!

Photos and Edits by Wood Shutter Photography.

Here are my favorites of me!

Photos by Lindsey Ferrell Studios Edits by Wood Shutter Photography.

Check out the Historic Bleak House:

Check out Lindsey Ferrell Studios:


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